Zoes Kitchen’s Cookie (Explored)

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Chocolate "Chips" Cookie

National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day Report- Zoes Kitchen

I really enjoy Zoes Kitchen. They have 4 locations within a few miles around my house and office.  Zoes is a terrific fast casual dining restaurant with favorite options like the Chicken Kabobs and the Chicken Salad.  Zoes Kitchen has gone public recently and expanded faster than a rocket ship. Keeping customers coming back and future success depends on consistency of their excellent offering.

The Desserts

The Kitchen can try all kinds of menu options to stay fresh; but please Zoe, don’t mess with the desserts: The YaYa Handmade Chocolate Cake is as good as it gets and the Chocolate Chip Cookie, well, it is simply amazing!  In all of my travels, I don’t think I have run across anything like this cookie. It is so nice to find a restaurant that can take on the bakery boys and girls. Zoes Kitchen makes a big cookie chucked full of multi sized and flavored chocolate chips. They have semi-sweet, milk, dark and each is a different size making this cookie very visually stimulating. This chocolate chip cookie is a masterpiece, coming to a neighborhood near you ,very soon I’m sure. We actually never get a “no” vote from anyone in the family when this suggested restaurant comes up for dinner.

outside of Zoes Kitchen

Zoes Kitchen, Snider Plaza Dallas

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