Tiffs Treats Dallas (Explored)

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Chocolate Chip cookies from Tiffs TReats

National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day Report- Tiffs Treats 

Tiffs Treats was busy cranking out cookies for delivery on national Chocolate Chip Cookie Day. The store I visited was set up for a quick in and out pickup.  They even have dedicated parking places to help. Tiffs always offers “warmed up” cookies and have a wide variety of options in the chocolate chip arena. They will deliver most days on a moments notice and are always good when you need a quick fix. Great for the immediate gift, if someone gets a new job or has a hospital stay and always a favorite for birthdays, anniversaries and holidays.  This is a gift for a celebration or needed pick me up. Every delivery comes warm, too.

I first encountered Tiffs Treats in Austin when visiting and had them delivered to a party that we were attending.  The flavor is really good and they always come hot out of the oven- which is the way all baked goods are supposed to be eaten!

None of the Tiffs stores I have visited have tables or chairs, so I wouldn’t suggest going with the idea of making a party there. They encourage delivery hence the url/website for the company: They appear to be growing in the cities where they open, so I would expect there will be one near you soon, if you have seen one open in your market.  Currently: Austin, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio.

Tiffs Treats
Northwest Hwy, Dallas


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