About Joe

7404109The Mission: Get the World to Eat More Chocolate!

Eat More Chocolate is a place I created to gather with friends who love eating and making chocolate. This site is also an online resource for a growing number of Chocolateaters to discover chocolate and new ways to enjoy chocolate, whether for health or simply to savor the flavor.

I poured all of my energy into building a real estate career helping companies grow, and later became a leading green energy expert—all the while, my chocolate dreams were brewing. Every business trip was punctuated by exceedingly decadent chronicles of cab rides to find friendly chocolatiers and pastry chefs in the cities and towns I visited. There were also delicious surprises in my own Dallas neighborhood at the local donut shops and supermarkets—an ongoing exploration of every facet of chocolate flavors, textures, people and places as a means of digging deeper into all things chocolate.images

Combined with my penchant for sharing information that helps businesses and individuals transition to greener ways of operating, I began sharing my chocolate-seeking adventures with the people around me. After selling my last company, I decided to dive into my passion for chocolate almost full-time. The more I shared, the more my circle of friends expanded. Soon, my passion for eating chocolate took on a life of its own.

Once I assembled the Eat More Chocolate team, I started writing and videotaping the best of my chocolatey travel finds. From the pedestrian to the exotic, every place I go now has a story to tell-and I’m here to share their stories and the best of what I sip and sup with you.

So far, my sampling adventures have exposed me to chocolate in sandwiches and in soups and chocolate molded into every shape you can imagine. This journey is all about eating more chocolate, after all-white, dark, milk; with nuts or without; baked into cookies and breads; as truffles or frozen into pops; slabbed into fudge or melted into a thick frothy drink. See what I’ve been tasting lately.

Even though a day never goes by for me without daydreaming about or eating chocolate, I’m not just your average chocolateater-I’m here to inspire you to eat more chocolate too.