JDs Chippery (explored)

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Chocolate Chip and M&M Cookies

National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day Report- JDs Chippery

Most universities have a cookie company nearby (Tiff’s in Austin, Insomnia, etc). JDs Chippery was one of the first and is an institution around SMU and Highland Park. These are buttery hunks of cookies and you have your choice of semi-sweet, milk, white & peanut butter chocolate chip amongst the many other non-chocolate flavors, with and without nuts. The semi-sweet chocolate chip is always delicious and is a good size- not to big or small. A muffin should also be on your list to pick up while visiting. This is not a crispy cookie, so for you chewy fans, this is a must stop on the Pony tour. 

Storefront for JDs Chippery in Dallas

JDs Chippery Dallas exterior shot

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