Chocolate Chip Cookie Day (Explored)

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Assorted Cookies from Dallas Tour

National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day Report

I love Chocolate Chip Cookies.  It is one of the reasons I got “into” chocolate as a kid, along with the Nestles Crunch bar, Hershey’s chocolate bar and M&Ms, of course.

Famous Amos Sunset Blvd, LA

Original Famous Amos Chocolate Chip Cookie Store


Remembering Chocolate Chip Cookies from the 70s

I remember going with my Parents to Los Angeles in the 1970’s as a kid for a medical conference that my Dad was attending.  Late one afternoon, we were driving in Hollywood on Sunset Blvd. towards the beach.  We were in a convertible and I caught a scent that I can even still faintly smell today. It was freshly baked chocolate chip cookies and it was coming from the first Famous Amos Chocolate Chip Cookie store in the country, right there on the strip. I nearly jumped out of the back seat to run in.   Wally Amos, a talent agent for William Morris, with help from friends Marvin Gaye and Helen Ready, opened the store and the rest is history.  I even had a contract to open a store at the Houston Galleria. I envisioned being the cookie magnet of Houston, but my parents got wind just before I executed the contract and sent me off to college. Definitely the right move, but  I often wonder what would have happened if I had taken the cookie path instead…  

Chocolate Chip Cookie store

Hot Cookies Dadeland Mall, Miami

Another fond memory on the cookie trail is of my first visit to the food court in Dadeland Mall in 1979 and my first experience with Crispy Critters from “Hot Cookie”!  These little bite sized crunchy cookies are to die for!  When served hot, there is almost nothing better.  36 years later and they are still cranking them out and you can order them online, too!

New Memories

I spent the better part of today on Dallas’ own “Chocolate Chip Strip”, Hillcrest Ave (between NW Hwy and Knox Street).  I hit 7 different establishments in search of great cookies.There are 5 options in Snider Plaza alone making this the Chocolate Chip Cookie epicenter of Dallas.…… and did I strike Gold. I’ll write a short review about each, but let me just say, it is fun to make new memories too and that is why this journey is so much fun! 




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