Time for a New Chocolate Website 2.0

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chocolate website

Chocolate Website 2.0

Today, we launch our new and improved Eat More Chocolate website. Launching on National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day is an extra special treat!  It has been a long time in the works and thanks to Scott, Rachael, Kelyn, Birva, Thea and the rest of the team for the hard work and extra hours to get this accomplished.  The new platform will allow me to segment my delicious finds and to add features over time that will help you, my chocolate eating friends, find that perfect chocolate delicacy that you are looking for.

Eat More Chocolate Homepage

We can now clearly articulate and share Recipes from terrific food bloggers and You, a Calendar of events, festivals and shows, a Blog and some Videos that chronicle my journey to find the world’s great chocolate and a soon to be released directory of places to find and eat more chocolate (shops, restaurants, online).

Please review the site and give me feedback.  I really want this to be a community effort. I have been on a Quest since I was very little and I’d like you to join me on the journey. If you know of a great recipe, please enter it.  If you have had a phenomenal dessert at a restaurant near you, let me know. If you tried a new product at the store, email and tell me.  Send a note or encourage your local chocolate shop to get in touch so I can feature them and the hard work they do everyday for us to enjoy!

Register and Help Us

I hope you use this site and will register to have you name on the list to receive additional information about new products and contests with amazing prizes.  Remember to follow us on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram– @EMCjoe.

Thank you again for all of your support!  




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