Patriotic Chocolate-Covered Pretzels

By Eat More Chocolate Team      

June 29, 2015

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Celebrate your July 4th Holiday with Chocolate Covered Pretzels.

  • Prep: 15 mins
  • Cook: 20 mins
  • 15 mins

    20 mins

    35 mins



Melt Chocolate

Melt your chocolates according to instructions. Wilton calls for 1 minute on the defrost setting, then stir thoroughly. Follow with 30 second intervals until chocolate is completely melted. I use a tall glass for melting since I need something to accommodate pretzel rods. 2. Dip the pretzel rod in the chocolate and with the help of a spoon, cover more of the rod. I spin it a couple times over the glass when done to “shake” off extra chocolate.

Decorate Pretzel

With a spoon, drop the sprinkles over the chocolate, spinning the pretzel. (I wanted to say sprinkle the sprinkles, but that sounds ridiculous!) Use a dish underneath to catch the extra sprinkles. We’ll use them later.

Cool down

Lay the pretzels out on wax paper and allow to dry completely.
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Pretzel Rods

Wilton Candy Melts or another brand

Red, White & Blue Sprinkles