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Hello Everyone,

I´m not sure how I got to be this lucky…but an essential part of my job is to travel and find great sites for stores and restaurants to locate. The added bonus is that I get to shop and eat at all kinds of interesting places the world over.

As you may have read in Rosie’s magazine (February 2002), my two great LOVEs are my Family and my Chocolate.

For years, I have threatened to write about what I consider the great known and unknown chocolate desserts and products that I have experienced. Along the way, I picked up this web site “url” ( and began researching other web sites devoted to chocolate.

This site will change on a fairly regular basis. If you have a place I should visit or a product I should try, please let me know. I hope to begin publishing recipes of great “home” desserts from family and friends I sample along the way.

For me, when I eat chocolate I become a very happy person. For this reason, I will try to never write negatively about anything “chocolate”. Also, because chocolate comes in so many different types and concoctions, everyone probably has a different idea about what is “the best”. I only ask that you let me know your favorites so I can try them all!

Thanks for stopping by,


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