Chocolate Quinoa SSE15 (Explored)

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SSE15 report: Chocolate Quinoa goodies

I generally am not a “nature” guy but these two chocolate quinoa items, found at SSE15, turned my head. 


IMG_3839I Heart Keenwah.

  I loved the taste and texture of this natural combination- quinoa and chocolate . These guys are on to something and I can’t wait to watch as they come up with more healthy treats to enjoy. 


Next Organics Dark Chocolate Quinoa

Dark Chocolate Quinoa

Dark Chocolate Quinoa

Dark Chocolate Quinoa by Next Organics


Next Organics 

Here is another great quinoa product, if you find it in a store near you. More Chocolate is always great and this one is a terrific combination of more chocolate and quinoa. Next Organics has the best total line up of chocolate covered fruit, nuts and other fine natural ingredients.

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