S’more Ice Cream

By Eat More Chocolate Team  ,     

May 27, 2015

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Sections of the chocolate and marshmallow ice creams and the large sections of marshmallow creme is pretty and delicious!



Stir the mini chocolate chips into the marshmallow ice cream during the last 3 mins in the ice cream machine, or just after you turn the machine off

Then fill about half your container with the ice cream (I used two bread pans) then put it in the freezer while you run the chocolate through the machine.

Freeze the Chocolate ice cream in your machine next.

Make the marshmallow frosting creme the last 10 mins your chocolate is mixing

When the chocolate is done pour it into the other half of your container

Plop some of the marshmallow creme between the two ice creams, you won't necessarily use the whole amount, go with your gut.

Now using a frosting spatula swirl the three ingredients together. Do NOT over mix, you want there to be three distinct ribbons of flavor in the final result.

Once your happy with how it's mixed up then go ahead and shake your pan/container so it flattens a bit!

Now top it with more mini chocolate chips and your graham topping and place in the freezer to set!

After it's frozen overnight (or 4-6 hours) serve!!!


Marshmallow Ice Cream

Mini Chocolate chips

Chocolate Ice Cream

Marshmallow creme (frosting)

Golden Grahams or Graham Crackers