Hanukkah Fritters with Warm Chocolate Sauce

By Eat More Chocolate Team      

April 20, 2015

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Freshly fried, piping hot fritters dusted with powdered sugar, then drizzled with ooey gooey chocolate sauce… holy moly, who can resist?



To Make Fritters:

In a mixing bowl, use a fork to mix together the flour, baking powder, and salt. In a separate bowl, beat the egg. Whisk the milk into the egg till well combined.

Add the egg and milk mixture to the flour mixture and stir with a fork till a thick batter forms.

Warm oil (use the whole bottle) over medium heat till hot enough for frying (around 365 degrees F). Use a metal soup spoon to scoop up each portion of batter.

Drop batter by heaping tablespoonfuls into the hot oil. The oil should sizzle but not splatter-- if the oil pops or splatters, let it cool slightly before proceeding. Test one fritter first to see if you've got the oil temperature right. You want the oil temperature at the low end of the frying spectrum-- they take a while to cook through.

Between each scoop of batter, dip your metal spoon into a dish of water. This will help keep the batter from sticking to the spoon. Make 4-5 fritters at a time. Keep a metal slotted spoon handy to turn the fritters as they become golden.

Fry the fritters till golden brown on both sides. If the oil is at the right temperature, it should take about 3 minutes for the fritters to brown completely and cook all the way through. Drain fried fritters on a wire rack.

To Make Warm Chocolate Sauce

Melt chocolate in a double boiler over medium heat.

Whisk in the sugar, butter, and salt, stirring constantly, till the butter is completely melted and mixed into the chocolate.

Whisk in the half and half, a few tablespoonfuls at a time, stirring to combine after each addition. Whisk the sauce over medium heat till the half and half is fully incorporated.

Remove from heat and whisk in the vanilla and optional rosewater. Add additional sugar or salt to taste, if desired. Chocolate will thicken as it cools.

Dust the fried fritters with powdered sugar, using a wire mesh strainer to sift the sugar.

Pour the warm chocolate sauce over the fritters and serve. Pairs well with fresh, cold whipped cream; you can also serve fritters and sauce over vanilla ice cream to make a Hanukkah fritter sundae.



1 1/2 cups flour

1 tsp baking powder

Pinch of salt

1 egg

1 cup milk

1 large bottle grapeseed or peanut oil for frying

Powdered sugar for dusting


4 oz semisweet chocolate

3 tbsp sugar (or more to taste)

1 tbsp unsalted butter

Pinch of salt

3/4 cup half and half

1 tsp vanilla extract

1/2 tsp rosewater (optional)