Chocolate World, Hershey, PA (explored)

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Hershey's Chocolate World, Hershey, PA

Hershey’s Chocolate World

Hershey Trolley Tour

Hershey Trolley Tour, Hershey, PA

As mentioned in previous posts, I have been to several Hershey stores, also called “Hershey’s Chocolate World”, but this is the granddaddy of them all, starting with the Trolley Works Tour of beautiful (Derry Township) Hershey, PA. This tour, led by knowledgeable guides dressed in period costumes, gave me a real sense of what Milton Hershey was really about.  It is one thing to visit the amazing Hershey Story Museum, it is quite another  to get on a trolly bus and drive the same streets,  see the same buildings and smell the same air, that Mr. Hershey experienced. This 75 minute history of Chocolate Town, USA shows the factories, the school buildings, the farmland (where the cows live) and includes chocolate treats throughout the ride (tip: answer the questions and you get extras!)

Great Chocolate Factory Mystery Movie in 4D 

This is a fun 30 minute, 4D (3D + other senses) family movie experience at Chocolate World. Try and help find out who is taking chocolate at night.  I’m not sure it’s a very realistic premise cause I don’t the believe factory ever shuts down!

IMG_3317Create Your Own Candy Bar

Oh to be Willy Wonka (or Milton Hershey) in a Chocolate Factory. That is what is feels like when you choose this attraction- where you watch a bar of your choosing being made. It takes about 45 minutes and is fantastic. You get to pick the base (milk, dark or white) and then you get to pick the inclusions. While you watch the chocolate go though all of the processes to become a bar, you get to design the wrapper, too.  At the end of the run, it is boxed and you take it home.  Then the real dilemma- to eat or not to eat!

Hershey's Chocolate World

Create Your Own Bar, Hershey’s Chocolate World -Created by Joe


Hershey’s Chocolate Tour

Enjoy a free amusement park type ride for about 30 minutes to see how chocolate is made. From cocoa beans in the tropical rainforest to the factory in Hershey, PA. See, feel, hear and smell the transformation from bean to the delicious Hershey’s chocolate bar. Then, enjoy a FREE sample at the end!

Shopping and Eating

Chocolate Chicken Pizza, Chocolate World

This store has the best selection of Hershey swag on the Planet.  If you love Hershey, you will love this store. Chocolate, shorts, kitchenware, more clothes, more chocolate… you can shop, shop, eat at the food court and shop some more. If you do eat here, the Chocolate BBQ Chicken Pizza is really good! Think of California Pizza Kitchen meets Chocolate World:  Go for it.

Chocolate World is almost a full day excursion on it’s own and well worth the time!


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