Brownie Points -Brownie Bites (explored)

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Brownie Points -Brownie Bites 

I met Lisa King, founder of Brownie Points, a few years back and we clicked immediately. She likes to talk and Bake- I like to talk and Eat. Lisa is a phenom in the Columbus baking scene. Her brownies are second to none and so are her creative brownie flavors.  I am also so impressed with how she  packages all of her amazing brownies- terrific marketing.  


I certainly have not tried them all, but I have taken a bite out of many of the Chocolate options: Fudge (always greatness), Caramel Sea Salt, Cookies & Cream, Creme de Menthe, Double Chocolate Chunk, Gourmet Buckey, Midnight Snack, Monkey Business and my favorite, Original Kitchen Sink (chocolate brownie with four kinds of chocolate, peanut butter chunks, butterscotch pieces, buttery toffee and drizzled it with caramel). 

Individual Sizes

The individual size option makes it easy to share a gift box. It keeps each bite fresh and moist until you open the wrapper and devour the contents.

(Explored) Brownie Points

Explored at the 2015 Summer Fancy Food Show in New York City.

Summer Fancy Food Show 2015

Summer Fancy Food Show 2015

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