Beverly HIlls: I Love Lucy & Lucy loves Edelwiess Chocolates & now I love it EC, too

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A friend told me that Edelweiss Chocolates (, in Beverly Hills, has the best marshmallow/chocolate products in LA. Since you know my penchant for things with marshmallow and chocolate I headed straight there and WOW… he was correct.

NOTE TO ALL: I apologize for not coming here years ago.

 I introduced myself to Steve Zahir, the owner, and was graciously given a tour of this 61-year-old retail store and factory. Sometimes I am caught off-guard and this experience was one of those times- it totally blew me away! This is the site of the store made famous by the I Love Lucy show- the episode where Lucy works in the chocolate store and she can´t keep up with the conveyer belt! Steve showed me the machine, that was manufactured in1918, and is still being used today. It really is the actual machine Lucy couldn’t keep up with on the show.

Edelweiss is a MUST stop on anyone´s trip through Beverly Hills. (4444 N. Canon Street just south of Little Santa Monica Blvd).

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